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Garmont T8 Tactical Jungle Boot Desert Sand

Retail Price: $154.99
Extreme Price: $134.99
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Add Nikwax Conditioner for Leather (B135) (+ $8.99)
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The Garmont Tactical T8 boot is unlike any other pair of boots you will ever wear. Starting from the ground up, the boot is equipped with a Super Vibram sole for maximum traction and stability and maximum shock reduction in nearly all environments or surfaces. Next the T8 is constructed with a tapered nylon woven foot board, on top of that is a custom designed insole. The boot utilizes a foot bed cup system that makes the boot work with the rest of your body providing awesome stability reducing the amount of stress on the ankles and knees. The entry way is constructed with a swept back concept to allow a snug, comfortable, fully supported fit without all the unnecessary padding. The upper is constructed with abrasion resistant split grain leather combined with dd diamesh for excellent breathing and ventilation. We then use zero optical refraction hardware along with roller bearing and hook less rigging proof hardware to make the T8 operate flawlessly in all operating environments whether is be ground or airborne operations. Our foot bed cup system combined with our heel retention strapping system allows for maximum stability and support in nearly all conditions and environments. The Garmont T8’s lightweight, rugged and durable construction allows this boot to perform amazingly in all conditions. The T8 performs well and dries out rapidly should you work in an amphibious environment or an extremely wet climate. This boot was designed for and is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of professionals who defend our great nation.

Vibram sole for traction, comfort and durability.Complete with quad stitching, heavy duty yet lightweight outer and built to last. This will be the last boot you ever try.



Apologize for sending this to a "sales" e-mail address, but it was the one I found on-line. I want to send my thanks for the prompt return of the pair of Garmont T8 boots that I recently orders. The box arrived at my house last Wednesday. I first wore the boots that Thursday. Less than a week later, I wore the boots in a 20-mile footmarch around Fort Riley, KS. Since the boots are a "combined effort" between you and Garmont, I want to give my compliments on a job well done. These are the best boots I have ever worn! In almost 14 years in the Army, I've never had a boot that did not give me blisters on the first footmarch. Absolutely incredible! The quality and comfort of these boots has impressed my so much that I felt compelled to send this e-mail in gratitude. Again, thanks for a job well done! V/R Scott C. Smith

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Product Reviews

(51 Ratings, 33 Reviews) Average Rating:
T8 Tactical Boot
Mark Sutherland (Idalia, Queensland) 1/21/2016 1:58 AM
While in Hawaii last year I wanted to get a new pair of tan desert boots for and up coming trip. I stopped off at this amazing store called the Uniform Shop which was just over the road from the Army barracks. I was shown where all the boots were and after being given a pair of socks way I went to try numerous boots on. I thought I had the pair I wanted when I saw the Garmont boots and was told these were the most popular choice by the army guy,s. After trying them on they were just great, felt like I had been wearing them for ages.I have now have had them for 12 months and they are so comfortable, the soles are wearing well as are the uppers. The lacing systems is great. Have been able to keep the colour good by using the correct dressing. I have no hesitation in recommending these
Most comfortable right out the gate
Ian Frank (Texas ) 4/24/2014 8:23 PM
I've been searching for the past 5 months for a pair of boots that were true to my feet. I have worn Oakley si assault boots for the past 4 years. Blew out the heel cups finally on a ruck and decided it was time to retire them. I attempted to wear another pair of Oakley' (SF Assault boot) were a no go. Then I tried rocky s2v vented military duty boots. Their size 14 was a half size too small and their 15 a half size too large. And no 14.5 size, so on to more research. Heard a battle mention these and decided to order a pair. When they arrived in the mail my first test was to see how they sized. Slipped my foot in to them (unlaced) and found a perfect fit width and length. I then laced up the boots all the way. Walking the first few steps spoke volumes. The leather was already pliable and soft. The foot bed holding my feet securely. I then realized how long it took to unlace my boots. Too long. I then picked up my spare speed laces and relaced both boots. They cinched up without a hitch! I was told if you find something that is good for you in shoes, get them again. So I'll be purchasing the garmont t8 nfs boots here shortly for Garrison boots. I look forward to wearing these in the field and updating y'all on how these boots hold up to a little field training. Italians know boots that is for sure. So in summary: true to size and width, slow lacing, no break in, and iItalian made.
3 years after first purchase, still unrivaled.
Stett (BRISTOW, VA) 1/6/2014 3:30 AM
These boots are phenomenal. I've tried the Rocky S2V's, own a pair of Nikes, and worn the issue boots for quite some time as well, but these are far and away the best. My first pair I wore for 2.5 years, and still use them in the field today. They're comfortable and ruck-worthy right out of the box, and still to this day feel great. I'm on my second pair now (the first have seen too much abuse to wear around post) and still love them. From what I can tell they've actually added some real estate to the top of the boots to make them more regulation friendly, so if you're worried about that, don't be. The only words of caution I'd offer would be to make sure you clean/condition them every now and then if you're really trying to make them last; I wore a hole in each side of the boot at the knuckle of my pinkie toe, and to be kind of careful when lacing them up. They take some time to tie up, but will stay tight for as long as you wear them -- that being said, if you pull too tightly too often, the rivets in the eyelets will pop out and you'll find yourself crimping them down with a multi-tool like I did to make sure they stay in place. Outside of that, I'd say hands-down that they're the best boots I've ever owned.
The best boots I've had
Timothy E (Ft Hood, TX) 11/2/2013 4:30 PM
These are my favorite boots I've had by far I have two pairs of them and I will be getting a few more before I deploy. Don't think about it just get them.
My second pair
Wes Pollard (Vicenza, Italy) 10/14/2013 9:46 PM
It's always a good sign when you come back to the same store to buy the same boots! Great job! I've worn these boots for countless miles under heavy to extreme loads and unloaded with what I can only describe as amazing results. I've also jumped these boots with a combat load as well with no issues! Outside of Ranger school, one of my biggest triumphs with these boots was wearing them on a heavy loaded 15 mile road march, 3 hours 30 minutes, followed by a 0900 work call Class A inspection in the oxfords. I hate those things! The only negative feedback I have is that the tongue of the boot could be shorter and the overall height could be about an inch taller. Just a personal preference though. Again thanks and keep it up!
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