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High Gear

Tactical Assault Systems High Gear Axio Max Stealth

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    Swiss Air Pressure / Temperature Sensor

    1m / 1ft Local Altitude Resolution

    Working Range: - 2303 ft to 30045 ft (-702m to 9158m)

    12 Hour Weather Forecast Icon

    Sea-Level & Absolute Barometer Display

    Mercury Inches and Millibar / Hectopascal Barometer Display


    Digital Thermometer

    User option for Fahrenheit or Celsius

    Working range from +14°F to +122°F (-10°C to +50°C)


    360°/16 Cardinal Point Beraings

    Digital True North Arrow

    Digital Compass Re-call

    Digital Compass Calibration

    Adjustable Declination


    100 Hour Chronograph

    1/100 Second Resolution


    10 Run Memory

    Starting Altitude Record

    Accumulated Altitude Record

    Maximum Altitude Record

    Total Exercise Time Record


    12/24 Hour Time Display


    Dual Time Zone


    2 Daily Alarms

    1 Rest Alarm

    1 Hydration Alarm

    2 Altitude Alarms


    Glass reinforced Nylon case

    Mineral Glass Lens

    50m Water Resistant

    EL Backlight

    User Replaceable Battery

Product Reviews

(4 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
Not what it's made out to be
jacques pelletier (Stark, NH) 1/16/2014 5:44 PM
Product arrived in a timely manner. I like the band. Tough, comfortable. I like the adjustable contrast on the dial. Numbers are clear, easy to read. Directions for calibrating and adjusting this watch were easy to follow. Compass did not need calibration, which surprised me. The altitude function is accurate after calibrating. At first, I really liked this watch. As I used it in the field, I got a different impression. Problems: The buttons are not protected and thus are always being pressed by ordinary day to day movements. I have to cycle through all the options just to know what time it is. This would have been so easy to guard against. Even the most basic Iron Man or G-Shock protects against this. Half the time I look to see what time it is, and my stop watch has been running for an hour or so... The time function keeps switching the display. Sometimes it tells me what the date is (Feb 22) and sometimes it tells me what day it is (Mon) but never both. But at least it tells me what time it is. When I activate the light to see what time it is at night, it lights up the dial and the time disappears. It is very visible for a fraction of a second before it disappears. I can't figure out why it does this. I thought it might be a contrast issue, but it does it no matter how I set it, or regardless of ambient light. So that makes it unreliable. All tolled, I should have reinvested in a Casio Pathfinder or Suunto again. This watch will last long enough to let me find one. NOT A COMBAT OR TACTICAL OPTION.
Pragmatist (FLW) 11/5/2012 8:43 PM
I got one of these back in January while I was still deployed in Afghanistan. Bear in mind that this is the first watch I've owned that has a built in altimeter and barometer. Honestly I would give it a rating of 3.5 if I could go half stars. The altimeter readings on elevation does not stay accurate. If you were to be outside constantly than perhaps this would negate the issue, but what I've found is that when going between climate controlled environments to outside environments the gauge rapidly loses accuracy. Also the altimeter readings seem to get skewed by rotary aircraft flights. This means having to readjust the altimeter readings every couple of days. The compass feature needs to be reset on a monthly basis, which I think is a non-issue because you should always PMCS your equipment on a regular basis. A slightly annoying feature is the button sensitivity. It is not uncommon for you to press one of the buttons changing the mode from simply bending your wrist. Overall I would purchase this watch again because it does more than my cold Casio G-Shock, the face read out is very legible, the chrono setting is great for runs because it calculates elevation change, and the durability seems to be excellent after 10 months of ownership.
James C (FT. BENNING) 3/16/2012 2:48 PM
Most amazing product ever! Very lightweight, tough and very comfortable. The compass is super accurate and this watch kicks the crap out of my Suunto which scratched on my first training mission. Extreme Outfitters staff is incredibly knowledgable and friendly!.
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