Indoor Archery Range

Archery Range   

Welcome to Jacksonville, NC's only indoor archery range.  Our 8 lane indoor range allows you to shoot from 0 to 30 yards.  BYOB (bring your own bow), or rent one of ours (coming soon).  Check this page frequently for updated information on special events including birthday parties, ladies night etc

Range Pricing: $6/30min. | $10/Hour | $15/Day

Rental: $20/Hour

Range Rules

  1. All shooting will be from the designated shooting line unless otherwise stated by the Range Officer (RO)
  2. Sky drawing is NOT permitted.
  3. Shooters must straddle the designated shooting line.
  4. All shooting shall be at targets directly in front of the shooter. Cross firing is not permitted.
  5. A maximum of six (6) arrows per round are permitted unless otherwise specified by the RO. BROADHEADS ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  6. Only equipment authorized by the RO for the day will be permitted on the range. Any equipment in question shall be restricted from use until such time as to have been determined safe for use on the indoor range. Crossbows are NOT permitted.
  7. The RO will have the authority to restrict any equipment form the range that appears to be in such condition as to pose a danger to others. For example, a bow with a badly frayed string will be restricted.
  8. Eating or drinking in the indoor range shooting area is not permitted.
  9. Back quivers are not permitted.
  10. Archers are not to have an arrow in his/her bow unless they are in a proper shooting position at the assigned distance and the range is cleared for shooting.
  11. Youth archers or archers under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the indoor range unless accompanied by an adult member.
  12. Shooter may not handle, move, or tamper with, in any way, other shooters equipment, unless consent is given, by the owner.

Service Fees

Bow Services

Press Fee $15

Includes timing check, draw weight check

Paper Tuning $10

If cams not synced this falls into a $25 Bow Tune

Bow Tune $25

Includes: Check for any tuning issues, Check level and center shot, New D loop, Clean and wax strings and cables, Rotate peep sight (if necessary)

Deluxe Bow Tune $50

Includes: Includes: Check ATA and brace height, Fix cam sync / lean, Check rest timing, New D loop, Rotate peep sight (if necessary), Clean and wax strings and cables, Paper tune, Check sight level

Arrow Services

Bare-Shaft Arrow Fletching $1.50ea

Fletching for bare-shafts purchased at Extreme Outfitters

Bare-Shaft Arrow Fletching $2.50ea

Fletching for bare-shafts if NOT purchased at Extreme Outfitters

Stripping, Prepping, and Re-Fletching $3.50ea

Cut & Insert Arrows FREEFREE for arrows purchased at Extreme Outfitters

Cut & Insert Arrows $1.50ea

For arrows not purchased at Extreme Outfitters

Accessory Services

Rest Installation $20

If NOT purchased at Extreme Outfitters. Includes: Center shot check, rest timing, and paper tuning bow.

Bow Sight Installation $20

If NOT purchased at Extreme Outfitters. Includes leveling and sighting in at 20 yards

Accessory Installation $15

Quiver, stabilizer and small accessory installation if NOT purchased at Extreme Outfitters

Free installation on accessories when purchased from Extreme Outfitters

String Services

Strings & Cables Deluxe Installation $40

Includes: Bow tune up, setting brace height, check axle to axle, fix cam lean, fix cam timing and synchronization, and paper tuning bow.

Serve in Peep Sight $6

New D Loop $6

Center Shot Serving $20

Includes D loop and center shot setup.