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Archery Releases 101

By Cody Griffin 2 months ago 358 Views No comments

Our hands have over 17,000 receptors and nerve endings. They send information to the brain instantaneously. Release aids for compound shooters are just as personal as the bow they shoot. From handheld releases to wrist strap releases, these all require “back tension” to correctly execute the shot. Back tension is what occurs when you’re pulling into the back wall (squeezing your rhomboids and scapula’s down) of the bow to get a surprise shot; this keeps you from creeping forward and can also help reduce pin float.

Achieving Optimal Arrow Flight

By Cody Griffin 2 months ago 715 Views 1 comment

Ted Nugent often said that arrow flight is mystical. Mystical meaning in awe, showing fascination. The root word “mystic” is derived from Latino meaning secret rites, one who has been connected with. I find this describing perfect arrow flight to a T. How does one achieve perfect arrow flight? Better yet how does one obtain perfect arrow flight with a broad head?

It Depends

By Jake Parker 2 years ago 3154 Views No comments

Throughout the training industry you have opinions on the correct way to do certain tasks. When working vehicle tactics, you hear guys say you don't need to crowd your cover. On the opposite hand, others will say it doesn't matter or you need to get as close as possible to the cover. The truth is "it's all situationally dependent". I don't want to crowd my cover if I am in contact with someone that is relatively close, 25 yards for example and a solo threat....if I have stand off distance, 50 yards, in a LE setting I might be able to get away with using the vehicle as support for whatever weapon system I am using... hopefully a carbine/rifle. Long story short, IT DEPENDS.