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By Brendon O'Dowd, U.S. Air Force Chaplain, Lt Col (RET) 2 years ago 2692 Views No comments

Many of us join the military because it provides a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Our oath assures we are belong to an organization that is part of an ancient and prestigious tradition that is accomplishing something good in the world. The sacrifices we make as a team and unit provide a sense of camaraderie (acceptance) that lead to a stronger bond then even some marriages experience.

It will only take a second

By Justin Morris 2 years ago 6043 Views No comments

It is mid-summer in Eastern NC with record high temperatures reaching into the low hundreds. You realize you’re out of propane and you need to make a run to the local Lowes to simply conduct a propane exchange.You shout to the wife “be right back, it’s only going take a second”.You grab the essentials for the fifteen-minute trip to include the cell phone, keys, wallet, and of course a Monster Zero from the fridge.You jump in the truck and its business as usual.Although today what you didn’t know, and let’s face it how could you, is that another person is also making a trip to that very same Lowes with a much different agenda in mind.